ConBravo! 2020

Hello everyone.

We've got a HUGE but necessary update for our 2020 show.

After announcing our departure from the HCC, we closely monitored your suggestions and managed to secure a venue for our 2020 show. We happily started to plan with our new venue in mind and were excited to see what our new location would bring to the ConBravo! community. Shortly before we planned to release tickets, hotel blocks, and open up applications, the province, and most of country shut down due to COVID-19. We now found ourselves trapped in this limbo where we were unsure what the future had in store for the convention, but were hopeful that things would improve for July.

Unfortunately we've reached the point where we can for sure say that ConBravo! 2020 will not be taking place this year as it's looking like the government is keeping everything pretty tightly monitored and having an event of our size is not feasible.

With that being said, this allows us to plan for an even bigger and better convention when we return. We thank all of you for being so understanding during this time and we hope to see you in future!

From all of us at ConBravo!, thank you, and stay safe.